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Rawlinson Mill Ornaments- Local Pickup

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Rawlinson Mill Family Ornaments 3.5" Front and back print.  

Back Description: 

Rawlinson Grist Mill

White Water Pond just off Highway

82 in Autauga County.

 Built prior to 1875 by John Louis Rawlinson to supplement a mill built before 1850 by his grandfather, George DeRamus. Rawlinson had a partner named Doc DeRamus. John Louis Rawlinson operated the mill until his death in 1901. at which time his sons began operation. Prior to 1901 a cotton gin was added and around 1915 or 16 a rice mill was added., The cotton press was discontinued and the mill was used as a flour, rice, grist and saw mill at different times. The Mill was operated until 1966 by G. H. Rawlinson and a couple of years thereafter by his children.