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Danny's Memorial Fund Donation

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Today, we lost one of the most genuinely kind-hearted people that I've ever known. Danny was a childhood friend of my family and when my mom came into the family 36 years ago with 5 year old me and my baby brother, Danny was right there with open arms ready to welcome us. Since that time, he's been a huge influence on my life. He was a gentle giant with a heart of pure gold. He was ready to swoop in for a rescue at a moments notice, and did quite a few times. I grew up with him being a huge part of my life and now in turn he's been a huge part of my children's lives. Today, we lost our Gentle giant and our hearts are breaking. He left us suddenly and with no warning. Because everything happened so quickly, I know there will be unexpected costs that the family will be facing. So I said all of this to say, that starting today and going until the need is met, 100% of the profits from any of the sales on the website will be going to his family. To the wife, daughter and grandson that were left behind to help cover these costs that they are now facing. In times like this we all feel helpless and we look for ways to ease the burden. I hope that this is one thing that I can do, that we can do to help this family. There is an automatic 10% discount on the website starting today. If you have other codes, you are welcome to use them. Thank you all.